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About the campaign

We at Opto-Réseau had always known that Opération Enfant Soleil was a worthwhile cause. But after partnering with the non profit organization to sell tickets for the 2019 Maison Enfant Soleil signée Bonneville, we were hooked. We wanted to do more! 

That’s why we joined the Entreprise Enfant Soleil program: to strengthen our ties with an organization that really does change lives. That makes us the first eyewear company in Quebec to receive the Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification, which happens to be the first-ever philanthropic certification for Quebec businesses.

What is Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification?

The Entreprise Enfant Soleil program is a philanthropic certification that allows socially engaged businesses like Opto-Réseau to proudly show their commitment to and financial support for sick children and their families. We are committed to provide an annual corporate donation, but also to help raise more money for the cause.

Help us support Opération Enfant Soleil and help hundreds of sick children and their parents.

Please give generously!

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